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Sawing and planing lines

Input automation

A nice addition to a planing machine from Weinig, we built an electrically adjustable infeed with hydraulic drive. Pull wheels adjustable in height & width for fast conversion times

Fully automatic stacker

This stacker behind a Weinig planer is multifunctional and quickly adjustable. Due to the wide variety of products (ranging from small beams to laminated beams), this machine is equipped with various options for stacking everything. Side discharge, stepped stacking, brick mode, controlled depositing with space in between, tilting planks, ... Everything is possible.

Chain conveyors

Our powered chain conveyors are the perfect solution for efficiently transporting heavy materials within your production line. With their robust design, they are able to move large quantities. In addition, they are easy to integrate into existing lines and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Fully automatic stacker

A fork stacker with scissor lift can be used to make packages. It can accurately stack layers on top of each other to obtain a complete package, ready for transport.

This machine can be equipped with both a chain conveyor or roller conveyors, depending on the direction of purchase.

CNC controlled cross cut saw

After input into the computer, the saw units position themselves down to the millimetre. Optionally, an upper pressure unit can be provided for a better sawing result and sawing can be done at an angle of up to 45°.

A CNC control enables automatic changeovers during production.

With this machine you can improve your product quality while reducing changeover times and personnel costs.

Sling sorter

When rejected planks have to be removed from production without stopping the line, a sling sorter can be used. This one uses slings on which the planks fall. These slings go down systematically, so that the fall height is always minimal and the risk of damage is very limited. The compartment contains a rotating shaft on which several flexible slings are attached, which can be kept firm during reeling by means of a hook and reel. The machine works fully automatically.


The unscrambler delivers plank by plank to the outfeed chains and also offers trouble free performance.

As a result, any quality control can be done safely and quickly.

Roller conveyors

Our roller conveyors are an efficient and reliable solution for transporting full packs of wood within your production line, with a simple design that is easy to integrate into your production process.

Stabilizing stick machine

This machine fully automatically stacks drying sticks between the planks. They are equipped with a large magazine, so that they can continue for several hours. All dimensions are adjustable.

Automatic turntable

Our plank turning station is the ideal solution for automatically turning planks, beams or other materials within your production line, making it easier and safer to perform quality control or correctly orient planks.

Rejection gate

With a simple gate you choose the path your wood travels. Fully integrable at any place within your production line and completely tailor-made according to your wishes.

Conveyor belt

Our conveyor belts provide the necessary rapid removal of wood chips or other waste material.

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