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Integrated camera system

This camera system is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to detect any errors and pass them on to a computer. It is able to identify the errors quickly and accurately, resulting in reliable and efficient product control. With this system you can rest assured that only correct parts are included in your production.

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Cookie sweeper

This biscuit sweeper wipes automatically all cookies from the hot oven to a cool down transportation belt. Completely build in stainless steel.


Mixing plant

A total solution for mixing different raw materials homogeneously and easy to dump in your trailer or truck. Optionally equipped with a dosing unit that can add a desired amount of product over the entire mass, eg grass seed & fertilizers to potting soil.

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Vegetable processing machine

Stainless steel vegetable processing machine that performs a combination of processing fully automatically. The vegetables are cut to size & washed and stripped of their outer skin at the same time.

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Walking platforms

Walkways and machine guarding are essential components for worker safety around industrial machinery. They provide employees with a stable and safe elevated workspace, while machine guarding shields the working environment and prevents unauthorized access to the machines. Both are available in different materials and are completely custom made according to your wishes.


Civil works

Our company offers a wide range of civil works that can be carried out on your premises. Pipe bridges for dust extraction, various metal constructions, ...

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