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schermenmachine render.jpg

Wood automation


Automation saw machine

A nice addition to the output of a longitudinal saw, we built a chain conveyor where planks of different lengths are centered, planks automatically form a full layer that are then stacked with a vacuum gripper.

schermenmachine render.jpg

Screen machine

This screen machine was equipped with an automated infeed for applying the planks. The output side was equipped with an automatic stacker that allows quality control on both sides of the garden screen at the same time. The heavy manual labor of stacking the finished garden screens is now a thing of the past.

Untitled Project (64).jpg

Multi-drilling unit

This drilling machine drills up to 9 holes simultaneously in wooden slats. The units are adjustable and a 2-hand protection is provided for safe working.

Untitled Project (65).jpg

Package wrapper

This wrapper is part of a complete line for wrapping finished packages of wood. After applying a top foil cut to size and 2 supporting beams, the package is wrapped with a waterproof foil, ready for outdoor storage.


Slat bundler

This slat bundler automatically makes bundled packages of planks & wooden beams. These packages are afterwards strapped by a binding machine.

Untitled Project (66).jpg

Input automation

This buffer station is built into a wall beam machine to speed up the loading of the planks. This accelerated the output time of the machine by 15%!

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