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Grinding machine

This restored grinding machine is like new, thanks to a complete overhaul, both electrically and mechanically. Our expert technicians have thoroughly inspected the unit, repaired it and replaced it where necessary, so it can provide years of reliable service again.

Groove machine adjustment

In addition to providing planks with grooves, this machine is also adapted to finely sand or brush planks. For this we developed an intelligent system that fits within the limited available space.

Manual adjustments have also been converted to automatic drive to make work easier and safer.

Input and output roller conveyors

Our roller conveyors are designed to improve operator productivity and comfort. With roller conveyors before and after the machine, products can be moved efficiently without the operator having to lift or bend heavy loads, promoting safety and well-being in the workplace.

Wall beam machine

This wall beam machine was in need of a complete overhaul after 20 years of service. We fitted it with a new control box & converted the whole mechanically, so that it is ready for the next 20 years.


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