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Cordec BV

Cordec supplies a wide selection of products to meet the needs of every customer. From the initial design to the final quality assurance, we ensure that our products are reliable and exceptional. Get in touch and find out how you can benefit from our products.

System solutions

We only build custom solutions together with the customer. Special solutions, assembly of machines, optimization of existing business, ...

The possibilities are endless.
In addition, we overhaul existing machines and adjust them where necessary, so that they can start a new & safe life to support your production.
Our branches ? Wood, food, packaging, waste,  ... you name it, we make it.
We design and build everything ourselves, so that we can strive for an optimal end result that 101% meets your wishes.

Building technology and electrical installations

We provide your building with the right techniques, all with one partner so that you get a neat and efficient installation.

Electricity : cable ducts, power cabling, distribution boards, lighting, controls, ...

High-performance network infrastructure

Cameras and access control

Pneumatic air distribution

Contact Us


Workshop address:

Bohemen 101

9260 Wichelen

Billing address:

62 Bruinbekestraat

9260 Schellebelle



+32 474 666 499

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Opening hours

Mon - Thu

7:00  – 16:30 


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